15 things we can't wait to do at camp

Summer camp is around the corner, and we all know it’s well worth the wait. Jumping through the sprinklers at your house is fun, but hopping into the freezing lake with your camp besties can make for the summer of a lifetime. Here’s our fave 15 things that are so much better with your camp buds.

Pull an all-nighter

Instead of staying up with your three BFFs, you can chill with 30 more of them ‘til the sun comes up and the bells start ringing. Gossiping about the newest camp cuties or planning your activities for tomorrow is so much more fun when your chillin' in your bunk.

Sing on the bus

What better way to get pumped up for your camping trip than belting your hearts out to your fave T-Swift songs the whole way there? C’mon we all know she basically sings your bunk’s anthem. Nobody’s gonna judge your singing voice – they may even say to sing louder. You’ll have an absolute blast and turn a boring bus ride into a camp activity you’ll love looking back on.


Camp lunches, color war, morning lineups – they’re not the same without some pump-up cheers. While cheering on your fave teams at home is great, it’s nothing compared to screaming and shouting for your team to win the canoe race or your bunk to win more canteen. The handclaps and rhymes you know so well are way more fun to chant when you’re at camp.

Dress crazy

Playing soccer just wouldn’t be the same without your mismatched socks, neon tank, polka-dotted shorts, and face paint. And the best part? Your whole bunk probably looks as ridiculous as you do. Crazy clothes and costumes are part of what makes camp so great – it’s like a daily competition to see who looks the silliest, and there doesn’t even need to be a special occasion.

Play in the rain

When you realize it’s raining on what you hoped would be a sunny summers day, your whole day seems ruined – but not when you're in the woods with your BFFs. The harder it pours, the better. Rain just means you grab your rain boots, blast your speakers, and have the perfect dance party – in the rain. When you’re throats hurt from singing and your clothes are totally soaked through, head back inside until it's time for s'mores.

Crush hard

Camp boys are so much better than those boys you've known since pre-K. Everyone’s more relaxed and friendly at camp, so approaching your summer crush isn’t as stressful. There’s way more time to hangout and get to know each other. Plus, you won’t have to try to balance your BFFs with your BF, because you’re all together.

Build a fort

Hanging blankets off the sides of the top bunk will make a totally cool fortress to chill in while you and your camp BFFs write letters, paint your nails, or just chat. If you want you can even drape blankets to connect all of the bunk beds and turn your whole bunkhouse into one massive fort.

Wake up early

When your mom comes in and tells you it’s time for school, we all know you moan and try to ignore her – but that would never happen at camp! When that bell starts ringing at 7 in the morning, your eyes pop opened and you jump right up. You can’t help it – you’re just so excited to start off your day with your camp besties.

Hit the showers

Only at camp can showering actually be considered an activity. Shower hour is the time to crank up the tunes and really belt it in the shower. And you know what rocks? You’re sister isn’t there to tell you to be quiet. Even just waiting in line to shower can be super fun when you and you camp gals laugh at how covered you are in glitter or how knotty you’re hair is from the lake. Who cares that the water’s cold – it’s all part of the fun.


Grab your blankets and pillow pets and head to the tennis courts – the stars are out and shining bright tonight! Stargazing with your campies is the perfect way to end a long day of kayaks, pasta, and laughs. So look up at the sky surrounded by the best gal pals you could ask for and watch out for a shooting stars.

Try new things

New foods and new skills are so much more fun to experiment with at camp. There’s no harm in attempting to climb the rock wall or learn to be a lifeguard when you and your besties are trying to make the most of your summer. You’ll surprise your friends with your new-found love of playing guitar when you go home (and maybe even show your mom how much you now love your veggies!).

Share clothes

If you don’t have just the right pair of jeans – no problem. You’re surrounded by 30 closets full of clothes you’re welcome to borrow from. Trying on and exchanging each other’s outfits before the dance or day trip is so much fun. You’ll love getting to wear that shirt your mom never let you buy or matching your fave shorts with someone else’s super cute wedges.

Play silly sleepover games

You’ll be so much more comfortable doing the crazy dares your friends give you when you’re only surrounded by people you’ve known forever. You know you can trust your campies with all your secrets, so the “truth” part of the game isn’t a problem either. You guys will have so much fun making up silly questions and goofy dares.

Get mail

Getting a letter at camp can make your whole day so exciting. Knowing someone’s thinking about you and writing to you the old fashioned way is such a great feeling. And of course, chillin' on the porch with your BFFs to write them back is a must. You’ll be so excited to tell everyone how much fun you’re having and how much you miss them.

Rest up

At home, sitting in your room doing nothing is so boring. But at camp, relaxing and just hangin' around with your camp buds is all part of the magic. Playing jacks on the porch or painting your toes by your bestie's bed can be such a great part of the day. You can just catch up and get some chill time in before you’re off to the next activity.
Are you going to camp? What are you most excited about?  


by GL | 2/1/2016