Our fave pumpkin-filled skin treats


Yes, that orange gourd that's suddenly everywhere is secretly amazing for your skin. It's packed with vitamins and antioxidants that'll make your skin brighter...and help repair your complexion after too much summer sun. Keep reading to spy our favorite DIYs and products that are pulled straight from the patch....

What do you think of pumpkin in your beauty routine?



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    1. Pumpkin Oil

    Pumpkin oil might be the most versatile product out there. You can use it straight as a body or hair oil or mix it in with some coconut oil and salts for a smoothing DIY scrub. So good!

    Certified Organic Pumpkin Oil, $20,

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    2. Pumpkin Face Mask

    Using just some canned pumpkin and a couple other ingredients from your mom's pantry, you can create a breakout-busting mask. Take an orange-faced selfie and let us know how it goes (don't forget to tag it #GLgirl!).


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    3. Pumpkin Hair Mask

    This shine-inducing mask is a mash-up of everything we love. Gourd goodness + coconut oil = a totally smooth mane. Perfect for a fall sleepover...or for the week before Homecoming.  

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    4. Pumpkin Body Butter

    Not only is the scent amazing, this coconut oil-infused body butter is super hydrating.

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by Emily Villiger | 2/1/2016
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