#Mmmonday: These spooky snacks are almost too cute to eat


These so-cute mummy cupcakes may be more sweet than spooky, but they're still perf for everything from after-school snacks to fun party finger food. Pump up some "wrap" music, grab your besties and get cooking!

What you need:

- Chocolate cupcakes

- White frosting (handmade or store-bought)

- Flat frosting tip, $1,

- A frosting bag or a gallon size plastic bag

- Edible monster eyes, $4,

Take your edible monster eyes, dab a bit of frosting on the backs and place the eyes on the cupcakes. Then, take the frosting tip and place it in the corner of the bag. Fill the bag with your frosting and snip off the corner, allowing the frosting to come through the tip. Make lines across the cupcakes in all different angles, layering as you go and leaving space around the eyes. Tomb-tastic!

Photo and recipe credit:


by Ilana Bernstein | 2/1/2016