Forget Him Fast

So he dropped you outta the blue? Totally no biggie—you can get past the pain pronto. Promise.

Your BF Sam said “see ya!” this morning, and you've been a sniffling mess since. Pull it together! You can take control of the sitch—and be totally over Sam by the end of the week. Here’s our Seven-day Survival Guide to help you shake off that breakup in record time!

Meltdown Monday

How You Feel Heinously heartbroken
How To Deal Wallow in your misery—for a really, really short time.

We’re not gonna lie. The first day of a breakup is a huge, honkin’ disaster. You feel utterly rejected and humiliated. And you can’t stop the waterworks even after you’ve used up most of North America’s Kleenex supply. You’re devastated—and no wonder! It feels terrible to be dissed by someone you care about.

Sounds weird, but the first step to feeling better is to feel as bad as you possibly can. It’s crucial to get the icky emotions outta your system, and you can’t do that without experiencing them. So for today—and today only—hustle home from school and dive under the covers. Chow your way through multiple cartons of Häagen-Dazs. Call your BFF and talk about how wrecked you feel. Now, bawl yourself to sleep.
Truth-tellin’ Tuesday

How You Feel Totally confused about what went wrong
How To Deal Get real with yourself about the relationship.

Once the shock wears off, you’re gonna feel mixed up about why you were dumped. Was it something you said or did? Don’t blame yourself! There were probably clues that you two weren’t built to last. To stop agonizing over every doubt-filled detail, write down five things you didn’t like about dating him. Maybe he sneered at your jokes or eyeballed other girls. Instead of dwelling on what you could have done differently, be way honest about his faults and shortcomings.

Work-it Wednesday

How You Feel Like a slug that’s been run over by a snowmobile
How To Deal Energize with some exercise!
Right about now, you’re probably feeling the physical effects of a breakup. Going through all of that turmoil can be big-time exhausting. No wonder your bod’s so blah. Kick that tired feeling to the curb with a refreshing brisk walk around the block. The cool air will do wonders to help wake you up and clear your head. So slip on those Merrells!

Spa Therapy Thursday

How You Feel
Uglier than the Ugly Duckling
How To Deal Treat thyself to some major pampering.

There’s nothing like a bad bust-up to cause a girl to forget how gorge she is. Reality check: You are completely foxy. To get back in touch with your hotness, tell your BFF to bring her makeup case to your casa first thing after school. Then, spend the afternoon enjoying a full-on makeover. Let your girl spruce up your ’do, polish your nails, gloss up your lips and totally babe you out.

Forget-it-all Friday

How You Feel Better but still shaky
How To Deal Distract yourself with some big-time fun.

You’ve made major leaps, but today is the day you’ve gotta watch out for backsliding. Just when you think you’re getting over your guy for good, your fingers start typing him a “let’s get 2gether” text. Or you’ll get a sudden urge to walk past his house. Don’t go there!

Instead, make plans with your crew to do something totally outta-the-box awesome, like glow-in-the-dark bowling or night snowboarding. Whatever it is, it should be colossally fun and should happen far away from your ex’s hang spots.

Swingin’ Single Saturday

How You Feel
Radioactive around guys in general
How To Deal Dip your toes back into the hottie pool.

When your BF stopped diggin’ your gravy, you were convinced no other guy would ever be into you, right? It’s normal to feel this way, but stop it! Go to that party tonight, and talk to at least three guys. No rebounding—just focus on some nice convo so you’ll see that boys really are still into you. There will be tons of dating fun in your future.

Super-you Sunday

How You Feel
As good as new
How To Deal Totally dig life!

You woke up this morning, and it hit you: He really doesn’t matter so much anymore—you matter! It takes some serious gumption to get back out there when a breakup has knocked the wind out of you. Now go on, girl, and live today to the fullest. Groovy guys everywhere will notice!

-Lisa Mulcahy


1/15/2010 12:00:00 AM
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