Upside Down Ocean

By Katilina 

An upside down ocean caught my eye today
An upside down ocean neither pale nor gray
It glistened in the sky, it sparkled and twinkled
It spread across the atmosphere as if Heaven had sprinkled
A light and feathery fluff and a miraculous sight
Gave me a promise it'll hand there 'till night
It's tidal waves roared silently, colors drifted and vanished
The sky parted and let in the dancing ocean, the famished
Famished for more space, for the world it lay upon
Famished for something other, something new, something beyond
Then a dark blanket was cast and enveloped the light
Turning the bright blue day into a black-as-pitch night
The colors faded and quickly ended the sensation
And I laughed and I cried in memory of God's creation

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9/6/2008 3:58:00 AM
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