Snag a Date in 5 Days (or Less!)

Killer dress?  Check!  Fabulous shoes?  Double-check!  Stylin’ hair and marvelous makeup?  Check and check! Homecoming is here and you’re ready to go!  So what’s missing?  That hottie from homeroom, that’s who!  Here’s how to catch that delicious eye candy and get him to be your date for the big night. Don’t worry, babe, you can thank us after the big dance!

Monday: Smile.
  A little bit goes a long way here.  Get your cutie to notice you near and far with a fantastic flash of your pearly whites.  Not so pearly?  It’s never too late to check out Crest Whitestrips for that supermodel mega-smile! 

Eye contact can score you some major points as well, just be sure not to stare him down or you may scare him away.  When he catches you checking him out, you’ll totally end up on his radar and feel ultra-confident, too!

Tuesday: Ask around. 
This is the time to put your Nancy Drew skills to use (you’re going for sleuth here, not stalker!).  Your guy has friends, right?  Don’t be afraid to ask them about him.  Catch up to his amigos after class and casually ask them questions about your crush.  Is he into sports?  What kind of music does he like?  Most importantly, is he dating anyone at the moment? 

Find out what his schedule is like so you can “accidentally-on-purpose” run into him in the hallway after school in your uber-cute tunic and leggings combo.  Remember to introduce yourself and whatever you do—don’t forget to flirt!

Wednesday: Make your move.
  Now that you’ve got him where you want him, it’s time to go in for the kill.  If you’re not feeling particularly bold, you can try a more casual approach.  Next time you see him, mention you’re thinking about going to the dance, but (sigh) have no one to go with you.  If you did your homework, you’ll know whether he has a date or not.  And if he doesn’t, ask him to be your date—he’s all yours, girl!

Thursday: Play it cool.
  Okay, you’ve asked him. If he says no: don’t fret, it’s not the end of the world.  Be proud of yourself for even asking.  After all, it’s really his loss—you’re still a great person, so try not to take it personally! 

If he “needs to think about”: don’t freak out, just chill out.  Remember, patience is a virtue. If you keep pressing the issue, you may annoy him or even worse—seem desperate!  Keep yourself busy and your mind off everything by hanging out with your girls.  Schedule a G.N.O. to the mall or the movies—no obsessing over boys allowed! 
But if he said yes: way to go, girl—you did it!

Friday: V is for victory!
  Congratulations chica, you just got a homecoming date in one week!  Have fun at the dance and remember not to keep him waiting too long when you and your girls run to the restroom for a makeup check-up.  Dance the night away and take tons of pics—you’ll want to remember this night for years to come!  Now, if only finding your dress and matching shoes were that easy!

-L’Oreal Thompson


3/10/2010 12:00:00 AM
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