Stay active this Thanksgiving with these fun activities


Turkey Day is right around the corner, and everyone will be piling their plates with yummy treats. Instead of crashing on the couch all day, here’s a list of fun activities to do that’ll keep you moving. With these simple tips, you’ll be getting off your butt and feelin’ good about your bod at the same time!

Do a Scavenger Hunt in your Neighborhood

Before the big day, organize a list of objects to spy in the neighborhood. It can be everything from spotting the house that already has up Christmas decorations to finding the fam that’s playing touch football. Once you’ve made the list, divide the group up into teams of 2-3 and set boundaries. Take pictures of what you find as proof—just make sure you get permission. Get out there and try to check off the whole list before the other team!

Game Day!

Watching your hometown or NFL football team can be fun, but why not get in on the action? Organize a post-feast tournament of games this year. Capture the flag, kickball, soccer or flag football in the back yard are just a few ideas. Otherwise, if the adults aren’t down, offer to play tag or basketball with the little cousins.

Make the Most of the Morning

If your fam’s festivities don’t kick off until the afternoon, try to get in exercise in the a.m. Do an energizing yoga DVD, bust out the Wii Fit or challenge yourself to a gut-busting ab workout. Gotta watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Set up a routine for each act that comes along. Do five sit-ups every time you see a celeb, 10 squats every when there’s a dance squad and 5 push-ups when a marching band performs. Make up your own routine and stick with it! Get creative

Sign Up for a Turkey Trot

Usually there are 5K runs (a little over 3 miles) during the holiday season and many raise money for causes like Breast Cancer Awareness or Alzheimer’s Disease. Check around to see if there’s one in your area. Sign up, grab some sneaks and a water bottle and give it a go. The best part about it is ya can go at your own pace and don’t have to run the whole way.


by GL | 2/1/2016