SOUND OFF: You Wrote It


By: Jesse B.

Thoughts of him are in my mind
All day and all night long
So I will write down what I feel
I’ll write it in a song

Maybe I should just give up
And care for you no more
I think it’s time to take my dreams
Let them fly and let them soar

But my mind keeps wandering back to you
I wish I could talk to you face to face
And no matter where I am at
I want you with me in this place

I’m never brave enough to wave
Or maybe even say hi
Even though I wish I could
You just don’t know how hard I try

Why don’t I just give up?
I know we’ll never be together
If I don’t stop this now
I’ll end up loving you forever

As I sit here and write everything down
I stare at the page before me
Wondering if I will ever get that chance
The chance for him to love me

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12/14/2007 11:16:22 AM
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