GL’s Review of Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh

GL rating: ****

The gang is back! Join Drake, Josh, Megan, Crazy Steve and Mindy in a hilarious Christmas adventure for the first time ever. On December 5, from 8–10 pm EST, grab some hot cocoa and popcorn to see the cast reunited and all grown up. Josh is slim, Megan is mature (though not too mature), and Drake is well … still Drake.

Mr. and Mrs. Nichols leave their home for the holidays in hopes to spend quality time together on a luxury island. Drake, Josh, and Megan will have the house to themselves this season. Drake is dressed up as Santa at the mall (Josh is a bag of toys) because he promised a lovable foster child, Mary Alice, that he’d help her family have the best Christmas ever. And—what else would you expect?—hilarity ensues.

Drake Bell and Josh Peck as co-producers on the film, which reunites the old cast to great effect.

We’re thinking that Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh just might be on our Christmas movie watch list for years to come.

—Mae Tunney
12/4/2008 10:50:00 AM
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