By Anonymous 

See that boy over there?
The one with the dark hair

He looks nice and sweet
But in reality, he isn’t someone you’d like to meet

He is known for popularity
Good grades and friendly eyes

But he’s also known among the girls
For his nasty sense of style

Not the kind of style with fashion
But the kind with girls

Once he knows you like him
It’s the biggest mistake you could possibly make

Just snap your fingers
And the whole school knows

Your feelings for him
The ones that run from your head to your toes

He takes advantage of you
He uses you for answers and money

He pretends to like you back
But after you believe him, the middle of your heart will crack

So don’t fall for boys
Who look innocent and sweet

Because in reality, he isn’t someone you’d like to meet
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12/27/2008 10:00:00 AM
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