By: Anonymous

He looked at me,
with his innocent eyes.
How could I have known,
he would say goodbye?

He hurt me, though,
way more than he should have.
He did it the wrong way.
Oh, how could he have?

I was the last to know,
like they say in all the songs.
He told everyone else first.
Didn't he know it was wrong?

A single tear
slid out of my eye.
As I walked away,
and wondered, Why?

I was confused,
felt like I couldn't go on,
until I finally thought,
was my WHOLE life gone?

I had so many friends
to love and comfort me.
Why was I so sad,
If I was finally, truly, FREE?

I swallowed the lump
that had welled in my chest.
I had given him my heart.
Hadn't I done my best?

A newfound freedom
came over me.
I needed someone to love.
Who would he be?

I thought and thought,
and suddenly I knew.
I had always had someone.
Wasn't HIS love always true?

First, I wondered,
If I was making a mistake.
Did I only want him,
To fill this empty place?

I thought this over,
and the very next day,
I knew he wouldn't be wrong.
Why should I have to wait?

I knew I was right,
Because he made me laugh, not cry.
We talked on for hours and I thought,
Isn't HE the right guy?

I felt so comfortable,
When I was with him.
He was so funny, sweet, and honest.
Did I have a reason to be grim?

After all that time
you waited patiently
for my heart to open.
Why couldn't I see?

Weren't you the one
who stood by my side,
and smiled and laughed,
when you wanted to cry?

And now I know for sure,
for now, YOU'RE the right one.
I think I have a happy ending,
But will my poem ever be done?
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1/10/2009 2:24:00 PM
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