Today, I walked, walked down winding roads The kind of roads I've never known.
First, I walked in the designer pumps of a Hollywood star,
I smiled for the cameras and rode in a limo car.
But I didn't like the paparazzi yelling for me to strike a pose
Hollywood wanted me to be perfect – something I've never known.
Then I walked in the bare feet of a poor African child,
It was the opposite – this time I couldn't smile.
Because I was weak, needing strength,
As the time without food stretched to great length.
Finally, I found relief in the Converse sneakers of a punk,
But not for long, before that all ran amuck,
I was forced to see through angry eyes,
Which were caked with eyeliner to hide every tear she'd ever cried.
Next, I walked in the shoes of a high school girl,
Confused with her life, trying to appear normal before the world.
Things were moving way too fast,
She just wanted to be a kid, but that refused to last.
Finally I stood back in my shoes, and I can appreciate,

Every life has ups and downs, but my life is pretty great.
– Kara L.
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1/24/2009 7:00:00 AM
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