You have a piece of my heart,

Just like so many who have torn it apart.
You ripped it out without any care,
Like all the people who can say they've been there.
The holes are so big, my heart is so small,
But why do some holes not hurt at all?
Maybe it's because the torn edges have healed,
Making it so much harder to feel.

But the wound I have from you is so fresh,
Sometimes it’s hard to even take a breath,
Like when I hear your name or see you in the hall,
Anything that makes me think of you at all,
Because my heart calls out to the piece you hold,
And some of my emotions cannot be controlled.
My heart still aches from all the pain,
Everything is making me go insane.
If only you could give my heart its piece back,
Then the only evidence would be a small crack.

Sure, you don't care, but me and my and my heart do,
But it's not the same as saying, "I love you."
Yes, I have moved on,
but now a piece of my heart is gone,
And it's going to be harder to forget,

Someday my heart will heal, but not now, not yet.
- Zoey P.

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2/7/2009 7:00:00 AM
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