Week 3: Push Through The Plateau

A New Year and a New, Healthier YOU!
Want to be healthier in the new year? Join the club. Literally! Tons of GL readers will be following our fab fitness plan. Our week-by-week shape-up will get you the results you want. You’re gonna make your resolutions a reality. Promise! 
Get Toned by Spring Break!
Warm weather is just around the corner and it's time to crank the heat on your workouts. Get a jump on it by upping your fresh foods and getting exercise, even if it's something small. We've mapped out a plan that'll push you through the winter blues. You're gonna feel amazing by spring break.
Week 3: Push Through The Plateau
BODY You've been working hard for a couple of weeks. Yay! Push past any plateaus by mixing up your cardio. Doing diff moves challenge your bod in new ways and move your fitness goals forward.
EATS Docs are treating more kids for kidney stones, which may be caused by excess salt. Limit the amount of high-sodium foods (like canned soup and lunch meat). Up the amount of fresh stuff this week. Besides, salt makes you retain H2O. Blech.

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3/8/2009 7:00:00 AM