EDITOR'S BLOG: Spring Cleaning

At any given second, my desk at GL is inevitably scattered with samples of lip gloss and bronzer, piles of papers and maybe an apple or two. But that’s about to change. Well, maybe….
Despite the clutter, I’ve been all about spring cleaning (ok, GL girls, laugh it up). I took a cue from my gone-veggie brother and kicked most meat to the curb for a bit. I’m not strict about it (I ate fish yesterday). Just trying to chomp more produce and fiber-filled foods.
The other day, my BFF and I talked about how eating better makes you wanna skip unhealthy snacks AND exercise more. Love that. And another super-cool side effect? Being less tempted by candy and more into green beans. Add a heaping dose of H20 daily (a giant water bottle helps), a brand-new sunscreen/moisturizer and my skin is lookin’ better, too. Yay!
Plus, I swept aside boring workouts (goodbye, treadmill), started training for a 10-mile race and tried indoor bouldering for the first time (check out my “We Tried It” next week).
Bring on the sunshine, babes!
Healthy hearts,
Katie A.

Blog it out… Has spring cleaning hit your exercise routine? What about your eating habits? Have you been spending more time outside? 

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3/12/2009 3:43:00 PM