The BEST Beauty Bargains!

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on makeup. Are the more expensive brands actually better?

Ever hold two eye shadows in your hands that are seemingly the same color, but one costs $5 and the other is $25? Uh, what's the diff? We're sure there have been times when you're tempted to splurge on that tube of lip gloss or liquid eyeliner, but in the back of your mind you're probably thinking, "Is it worth it?" Don't let the pretty colors, shiny containers, and prices confuse you (sometimes a girl’s gotta admire and move on). We've got the info you need to know when making your makeup buying decisions.


Pricey products generally have a better pigmentation, consistency, texture, and coverage effects but that doesn’t mean you have to drop all your dough on the expensive stuff. So when’s it worth the extra moolah?

Ya don’t have to splurge on...

Our faves weigh in under $10 and can be snagged from the drugstore. Your eyes will look amazing and no one will notice the diff. See some moolah-savin mascaras RIGHT HERE.


If you rock standard black liner, opt for a cheap pencil that you can apply easily (like kohl!). If you’re lookin’ for a specific hue (like, bronze) ya might wanna dole out the extra pennies.

Lip Balm

We love all the fancy balms out there. Truth is, why drop all that money, when it might get lost or, worse, take a whirl in the dryer? Bring on the Chapstick and Lip Smackers!

Anything in a Funky Color

If you wanna try out some bold, fun colors, go with the cheaper stuff. You may not like it once you use it and if you spend beaucoup bucks on it, you're not going to be happy later.

When to spend a li’l extra...
To play up your fave feature

Sometimes, a splurge is worth it. If you love smoky eyes, invest a bit in a kit that’ll make sure the shadow stays put. Girls who wanna play up their pout might drop some extra dollars on a lipstick in the perfect tint.


Make sure to find a shade that you absolutely love (and one that works for your skin!). If you’re spending more than $10 on a makeup product, there’s a good chance you can test it at the beauty counter.

For something you wear daily and nothing else works

Can’t get make it without bronzer, but yours costs $26? Love the oil-free foundation that’s just over $20 bucks? A splurge on something that's tried 'n' true is OK every once in awhile. How to score your most prized (and priciest) products without wearin' a hole in your wallet? Ask for your no-fail faves for your bday or a holiday gift. Or save up you Saturday night sitting money for it. As long as you're not droppin' big bucks on beauty stuff 24/7, you'll be fine!


-Jess Hofmann

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3/12/2009 4:36:00 PM