5 Things to Be Happy About Right Now

Don’t let the last lingering days of winter get ya down. Spring’s right around the corner and we have five things that’ll make you smile right this second. Print out our list and post it in your locker—or take a few minutes to write down your faves.

1. Flowers are starting to bloom
What’s better than catching a glimpse of the first petals of the season? Even if the buds are still chillin’ underground in your area, go to your local flower shop or grocery store and pick up some cheap seeds to plant with your fam. Then, ya can watch ’em grow each day together. Or, cheat and just buy a bitty bouquet.

2. The temps are on the rise
Take advantage of the warmer weather and go for a walk or run around the neighborhood. Or, grab a bunch of friends together and play some touch football or capture the flag in your backyard. Let’s hear it for longer days, too.

3. Cute clothes are back in style
Now that the sun’s coming out, ya can finally take those cute, springy clothes outta the closet. Even if it’s too cold to wear your fave yellow tank, start adding bright accessories to make your outfits extra cheery (and boost your mood instantly!).

4. Fruits are in season
Ya might not be getting away for spring break, but lotsa tropical fruits are back in season. Get a healthy sugar rush by noshing on kiwis, oranges and pineapples.

5. Birds are chirpin’
The birds are flyin’ home and ya gotta admit, while they may wake ya up early in the mornin’, they are fun to listen to. Set up a bird feeder outside to make a springtime friend.

Blog it out... What’s your fave first sign of spring?


by Rachel Chemerynski | 2/1/2016
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