Score a perf pedi for spring!

My feet are definitely not ready for sandals, but I soo wanna wear my flip flops. How can I make them look pretty without spending a lot on a pedicure?
After months of hibernating in warm boots, those tootsies can look a li’l frightening. But you don’t have to drop lots of dough to get a salon pedi. We have an easy DIY guide to give your toes an insta-makeover. 
 Foot Fix-it #1:
Start with a sweet soak to soften the skin. This one will have your toes smellin’ like roses.
Rose Petal Pedicure Soak, $12,
 Foot Fix-it #2
After your feet have warmed up a bit, use a pumice stone to flake away any dead skin that may be lingering.
Foot Fix-it #3

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! When you're done pumicing, rinse off feet and use some extra hydrating lotion. To lock the moisture in, put on some socks after you've lathered up. This will help keep your feet feeling soft and healthy.
Foot Fix-it #4
Remove any chipping nail polish you've got going on with a little polish remover. Pick a bold color polish neon pink or orange. Carefully paint your toenails, giving them two coats of polish (give ’em time to dry in between). Have a Q-Tip coated in polish remover near by to quickly fix any slip-ups.
Mini Shorts Essie Nail Polish, $9,

Once the second coat of polish has dried and you've fixed all your little mistakes, apply a layer of top coat. Viola! Look at those cute little tootsies! Time to step out in sandals, girl.
-Jess Hofmann


3/19/2009 12:22:00 PM