Care for Your Springtime Littlest Pet Shop!

Do you like caring for and playing with pets? Then we’ve discovered the perfect game for you. Littlest Pet Shop Spring for the Nintendo DS will spring you into the season with hours of fun.

The goal of the game is to create the biggest Pet Shop ever. You adopt pets, dress them up and play games to keep the fun alive. And with all kinds of adorable accessories like hats, collars, and shades, the choices are endless.
The game is easy to follow since an instructor always guides you through tasks necessary to keep your pets happy. And you gotta earn Kibble Coins throughout the journey to be able to purchase new accessories and playsets for your cuties—which can be earned in any of the 20-mini games like Snack Sort, Remember Me and Coloring Craze.

The Littlest Pet Shop Spring is just like real life: you have to keep your pets content and well fed. They really appreciate the one-on-one attention and so will you when prizing Kibble Coins are up for grabs.

Now available in stores, the game is just $29.99. 

Add to your Littlest Pet Shop collection and let us know how many pets you can keep happy!

--Amanda Vinci


3/20/2009 10:57:00 AM