Flaunt Your Fave Feature!

This weekend, play up your fave feature. Whether you wanna enhance gorgeous green eyes or flaunt that flawless skin, we’ve got tips to make your looks sizzle. Not sure what feature stands out? Think back to a sweet compliment or ask your BFF to be honest with ya.

Remember: When you're trying to show off one feature in particular, don’t go overboard on the others. 
Stunning Smile
Get your pout prepped for spring by giving your lips a little love. Sugary scrubs made especially for your mouth are sure to smooth out your smile.
Use a shimmery gloss that has just a hint of color to accent the natural shade of your kissers.
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Flawless Skin
Girls with clear skin are crazy lucky. Our best advice for you: don't cover it up! But if you'd like to add a little extra oomph, go with a highlighter. Highlighter is an iridescent powder or cream with just a hint of pinkish color. Apply it to your cheekbones or brow bones to show off
Perfect Cheekbones
There are those certain gals out there who make the rest of us jealous of their high-set, beautiful cheekbones. To make yours stand out even more, pick up the perfect blush. How to score a shade that's just right? Think about your natural pigmentation. Go with a blush that has similar undertones as your skin. After all, you want it to look natural. Apply lightly to those pretty cheekbones. Blend it in and be sure not to go overboard, babe.
Amazing Eyes
Do you captivate people with your eyes even when you're not looking at them? Make those peepers glow even more! Use eyeliner along your upper lash line to create a "winged" look. Add a little bit of neutral shimmery shadow to your inner eye (that spot between your eye and nose) and your brow bones. And, of course, mascara is a must!
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Gorgeous Hair
If your locks are naturally gorgeous, stick with what you got. Skip over products that’ll alter your color or texture. Instead, use products and tools to take it to the next level! Have lots of pretty curls? Use an anti-frizz product, or a curl perfecting spray. And use a diffuser to dry them perfectly into place. Have silky straight hair? Try a shine shampoo, and a root-lifting spray. Use a flat iron to make your locks extra silky smooth.



by Jess Hofmann | 2/1/2016