Tampon try-out

I really wanna try tampons but every time I try, I chicken out. I'm afraid it's gonna hurt or I'm gonna insert it wrong. What's everything I need to know about it so I can be successful? I've only had my period a couple times.

Hey babe, I totally hear ya. Tampons can be scary at first but once you're used to them you'll see that it's really no big deal at all! They def don't hurt and, when used correctly, they're just as safe to use as pads when you get your period. Since you've only had your period a couple of times, maybe wait a few more months until you try them out. Once you're more familiar with the way your period works, you'll be more comfortable trusting tampons.

When you're sure you're ready buy a box of junior sized-tampons. Read the step-by-steo directions that come in the pack. Usually, the tampons have illustrations to explain and make it even easier. See if your mom or older sis has a box lying around so you can review the basic routine and figure out if you have any questions.

Trying a tampon for the first time isn't something you want to do alone if you're feeling nervous about it. Ask mom to grab some next time she's at the store. That will let her know you want to start talking about it. She'll most likely offer up her best advice before you give it a whirl. Don't be embarrassed to ask her questions. If you feel better asking a sis or friend who uses tampons then sure, ask her for help instead!

So, to review, here are the steps for trying out tampons: Step one: read the directions. Step two: try it on your own. Step three: take a break if you're getting frustrated. Step four: talk to your mom/sis/friend for help. That should do the trick! 

Tampons can take some time getting used to so maybe try it once a day during your next cycle, then two days the next time and so on. Some girls stick with pads too, so if you end up not liking tampons, it's perfectly fine to stick with pads!

And one serious thing to remember? Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), although rare, is another thing to be aware of when you're using tampons.  TSS happens when you leave a tampon in for too long. There'll be more about it on your tampon box's instructions. Or go here to our Periods Period hub for tons of info on your period!

Good luck, babe!

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3/29/2009 7:00:00 AM