EDITOR'S BLOG: Change is Good!

Yesterday I whined to a friend that I was bored with the gym. His response? “Mix it up. Keep your muscles guessing. Run backwards.” Ok, so jogging backwards sounds dangerous (don’t try that at home!) but it’s a smart call: change is good, especially when it comes to exercising. (Thanks, BK!)

Now I have change on the brain. In general, I’m good at trying out new stuff but it takes me a few tries before I’ll really switch up my routine. It took me three or four yoga classes before I was hooked. Today is so crazy rainy (and extra lion-y!) that my usual outdoor run won’t cut it. Perf timing to swap in some new elements. After I interviewed Torri Shack (check out her op on strength training HERE), I’ve been meaning to add more weight training to my mix. This weekend, I’m planning on getting an extra cardio boost by going for a long hike or bike ride, instead of my Sunday long jog.

You won’t see me seriously chopping my long hair anytime soon (that’s wayyy too much change). But I will do more sprinting (and less walking) and drink more water (and less iced tea). I hope Mother Nature changes her mind, too, and sends sunny weather my way!

Healthy Hearts,
Katie A.

Blog it out...On a scale of one to 10, how well do you deal with change? What are you willing to switch up in your routine and what will you stick with? 


3/26/2009 5:15:00 PM