GL's Ultimate BGF Guide

Let's face it: friendships with your girls can be hard. There's always drama, tears and puh-lenty of backstabbing. You love your BFFs, but sometimes all the diva behavior can be disastrous. Every once in a while, you need a little R 'n' R from your crew of chicas. So, what do you do?

That's where HE comes in...your best guy friend, aka your BGF, of course! He's the one who always seems to "get it" even before you say a word. He always manages to make you laugh till ya cry and you can count on him to have the latest buzz on your fave bands. While girlfriends are there for life, guys can be perf pals too! And just like your girl BFFs, your BGFs are unique. Here are the five great guy buds that every GL girlie needs.

The Guy Guide
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You've never heard of someone who doesn't like this dude. He's friendly with the whole school – from Andy the anti-social band geek to Caleb the hockey captain – this guy goes out of his way for everyone. This sweet 'n' sensitive stud will offer you his shoulder to cry on, and his awesome advice. If you're upset he'll let you just spill.

Why he's the best BGF

Since he's so in the know, think of this guy as your personal love guru. He's your own private window into the almost-impossible to decipher innerworkings of the guy brain. This dude knows all the answers to your most pressing qs. Like...why are guys SO into Sunday football? And don't they ever get tired of drooling over that blonde lifeguard? What was that dude in your math class thinking when he signed your yearbook with XOXO?

Guys know what other guys are thinking (duh!), so he's down for decoding all your dude dilemmas. He'll have insight that you and your girls could never even imagine. Bonus about this relationship? You'll be able to return the favor by helping him with his girl gripes.
The Sporty Stud
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This guy's always on the go. He's sure to be on a few after-school sports teams, and you know he'll up be up early on Saturday for his regular run. His fave class? Gym, natch! This stud never sits still.

Why he's the best BGF

If you're a sporty sistah you've really scored with this one. When your girls wanna sit home and give each other manis, you found the perf partner for a game of pickup bball. And if you're on the soccer team? This guy's sure to have a few pointers that'll really rev up your game.

Not the athletic type at all? Is your idea of spending time outdoors maxin' 'n' relaxin' at the beach with your BFFs? This guy'll get you out and about. His sporty mindsent means he loves to hike, take scenic bike rides and play hours of Frisbee in the park (score!). It's the perfect combo – a fun boy AND a body-bustin' workout!

The Big Bro
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This dude's a hard one to spot. On the outside this guy looks way tough. His "Bad-boy" disguise might include ripped jeans and a black concert tee. But underneath all that is a totally sweet-guy interior. Once you've cracked his rough-around-the-edges shell, you've got a loyal pal for life.

Why he's the best BGF

He's always got your back (newsflash: not in a "I-wanna-be-your-BF"-sort of way!), and looks out for you. Are mean girls picking you apart in math? This dude will give them an earful next time they're talking smack behind your back. Is your ex spreading rude rumors? No worries, this guy will nix the naysayer for you, ASAP.

He's also totally trustworthy and you know he won't accidentally let it slip to the whole school that you're still sleeping with Mr. Teddy (Shh!). Best of all, he doesn't find you the least bit dorky...the way your actual older brother does.

The Complete Comedian
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He's the classic class clown. He made the whole class laugh about the crazy sub you had in science. And his April Fool's pranks are always an event. Hey, he can even make you LOL even when you just failed a French test!

Why he's the best BGF

You can't help but smile any time you're around this guy. Super stressed about school? He's sure to have you in stitches in seconds! Mad at your mom? This dude will distract you ASAP with an arsenal of comedy-movie one-liners. You hear one of his hilarious jokes and it's an insta-mood boost.

Plus, if the drama with your girls gets to be too much, this guy gives you some much-needed comic relief. His LOL, way-laid back way of life is a great reminder to take it easy, and not to sweet the small stuff. There's no doubt about it: with him, laughter is definitely the best medicine.

The Dreamy Dork
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His hand shoots up first to answer (correctly, of course) all of the hardest qs in Spanish class. You know he def has a 98 average in Computers. And his proj won first the STATE at the science fair. You can always catch him after school studying in the library or making plans to play an Xbox tourney with his pals.

Why he's the best BGF

This stud is super smart. He'll help you with your homework, make flash cards for your math class AND he won't mind tutoring you in bio (hey, he IS thinking about being a doc one day!).

Plus, he's totally techie...and loves to tell you all about it. This guy's got the 411 on all the latest gadgets. One of the biggest bonuses about landing him as a BGF? He's well-versed in video games. Guitar Hero, anyone?

TELL US  NOW! What's your fave thing about your BGF? Does he always stand up for you? Can he make you LOL on a miserable Monday? Is he a total math whiz who's always willing to help you with fractions? Blog it out, GL babes!


by Melissa Blake | 2/1/2016