Ace the Assessments

I have a huge prob! There are these upcoming math and reading assessment tests that I will be taking and I'm failing those two classes and social studies. After I take the tests it's supposed to tell us if next school year we need to take a beginners or advanced classes in those subjects.

I really need to do well on those tests because I need to graduate! Got any advice on studying?

Hey babe,

I hear ya on this one. I had a friend who was failing those types of classes as well. She was also on the verge of not graduating. I know you feel super scared right now, but try not to panic. Even though the odds seem like they are against you, you CAN DO IT! Here’s how to step up your studying style.

Try raising your hand regularly in class when you don’t understand something. Sure, it can be a li’l intimidating, but a lot of the other students probably have the same qs. Show up for extra help regularly. You’ll get more one-on-one time with your teacher, and this way she can tweak her teaching style to specifically fit your needs.

Ask your teacher for extra homework, any review books you can buy or other exercises (flash cards, games, etc.) that will help you master the material. Remember: The key to success is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Make sure that you’re studying in a work-friendly environment. Turn off your phone, AIM, iPod, TV or any other distractions and just concentrate on the material. Make sure your desk is free of any clutter. Sit down with just the materials you need and a healthy snack to up your energy and get your brain going (granola, all-natural peanut butter and apples are great study snacks!). Give yourself an allotted amount of study time, sit down and hit the books.

A great way to entice yourself to study hard and do well is to create a goal sheet. Studied for seven hours straight? Go for a relaxing jog! Got all the answers on your worksheet right? Time for some R ‘n’ R at the movies with your girls.  Stayed for extra help all week? On Friday splurge on your fave ice cream. Even better? Try making a deal with the ‘rents. Say if you get an A on your next reading test, you get to throw a Saturday night sleepover to celebrate.

And remember, nothing feels as good as working hard and accomplishing something! Go for it, girl. I know you can ace these exams.
<3Sherryn D.

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4/2/2009 7:00:00 AM