Angel Taylor: Love Travels

Photo Cr: Abbey Drucker
We are addicted to the voice of an angel!

You may have spotted her in our A/M issue (if you haven’t yet, check her out on page 46) but this 20-year-old singer/songwriter’s debut album, Love Travels, is finally heading to stores. After contacting a music producer about putting a few songs on a CD for family and friends as a Christmas gift, Angel Taylor was quickly introduced to the world of the recording industry. And the rest is history. We snuck a listen at her album and are just dying to share our thoughts…

Angel’s sound and lyrics are hypnotizing—similar to Colbie Caillat with soulful lyrics and soothing rhythms. She began writing poetry when she was 13, eventually putting the words to beats while banging on her piano. But the hip chick’s talent doesn’t stop there. She even plays the guitar in a few of her new tracks.

What’s so addicting about Angel’s music? The lyrics! The first track on Love Travels compares the feelings of being in love to her—and our own—favorite Starbucks drink: Chai Tea Latte. Throughout her album, Angel is able to describe feelings and emotions that most people stumble with in new melodic ways. She is a real girl who sports her most comfy leggings with a long shirt, talking about real things we all experience—a girl many of us can relate to.

Angel is currently getting a taste of the road, touring on sold out shows with Adele and Gavin DeGraw. But we know she’ll be selling out shows of her own sometime soon.

A perfect addition to your spring playlist, we definitely recommend you checking out Love Travels when it drops April 7 and let us know what you think!

--Amanda Vinci    


4/4/2009 7:00:00 AM