Quick and Cute Hair Tricks

I never have enough time in the morning to do anything fun with my hair. Are there any quick and easy styles that are totally cute?

We feel your pain, lady. The morning is no time to be fussing with your hair. But we've got a few simple suggestions to dress-up your ‘do.

Make Waves

Want your pin-straight hair to have a little wave? Wash your hair the night before. When you get out of the shower, lightly towel-dry those tresses and run a wide-toothed comb through 'em. Depending on how much hair you have and how big or small you want your waves, section wet strands into 4 to 6 sections. Braid each section tightly, until you get as close to the ends of your hair as possible. Tie each braid off with a hair tie.

Sleep the night away! In the morning, your hair should be dry. Remove the hair ties from each braid and loosen the braids by running your finger through the center of each. Gently run your hands through your hair to loosen it and make for a more natural look. Hello, amazing waves.

Straighten Out

Hey, curly girlies! Wanna go sleek without spending an hour straightening in the morning? Wash your hair the night before. When you get out of the shower, comb through wet hair. Spray strands with anti-frizz spray. Blow-dry hair straight, using a rounded brush to calm the curls. Hit the hay!

In the morning, squirt a dime size drop of smoothing serum into the palm of your hands. Rub hands together and run them throughout your hair. Voila!

Three funky 'n' fast updates to your everyday 'do!
Old-School Oomph: Take a vintage scarf and tie it around your head. Can't find an antiquey scarf? A vintage-inspired wrapper will do. Either way, use bobby pins to keep it in place.

Straps & Ribbons Scarf, $7,
Elegant Embellishments: Have a pin you love? Use bobby pins to secure it into your hair.
Shooting Star Pin, $10,
Garden Fresh Tresses: We heart floral hair accessories. Throw one around your pony or pin a craft-store bud into your hair when it's down to update a simple look.
-Jess Hofmann


4/18/2009 7:00:00 AM