How To Pull Off Purple Eyeshadow!

From freshly bloomed lilacs to violets, we’re super inspired by all shades of purple. Our fave way to wear it? As a sizzlin’ spring eyeshadow. It’s girly without being overpowering, and looks amazing on all eyes. Here are three new ways to wear this vivid shade!
Subtle but Sultry
Maybe you're not ready to go full-on purple. If so, go for a more subtle look.
What you'll need:
- a plum colored eyeliner (pencil or liquid - whichever you prefer)
- a shimmery lilac shadow
- your fave mascara
What you'll do:
1. Use your eyeliner to create a line across your upper lash line. Begin at the center of your eye and move outwards, slightly winging the eyeliner up at the end.
2. Apply a small amount of lilac shadow on your lower lash line.
3. Top it off with your fave mascara on both top and bottom lashes. How hot!
Contoured 'n' Smokin'
This look has just enough purple for your liking – not too little, but not too much. Perf for a spring dance!
What you'll need:
- a plum colored eye shadow
- a light lilac shadow (almost white or iridescent)
Origins Eye Shadow, $14,
- your fave mascara
What you'll do:
1. Apply your light lilac shadow to your brow bones and the inside of your eye (just between your eye and your nose).
2. Blend your plum eye shadow into your crease and the outside corner of your lid, slightly moving your applicator up as you go towards the outside of your eye.
3. Throw on some mascara – top & bottom. You are smokin', sistah!
Edgy 'n’ Bold
Maybe you like to make a statement with your make-up. Be funktastic with this powerful purple look. Over the top amazing for a night out with your girls.

What you'll need:
- a plum eyeliner (pencil or liquid, see Subtle but Sultry for our fave pick)
-a bright blueish-purple shadow
MAC Eye Shadow in Parfait Amour, $15,
- a light, iridescent shadow (we like this pinkish purple one)
BE Cares bareMinerals Puzzle Eyecolor, $13, 
What you'll do:
1. Use your eyeliner to line your upper lash line. Make the line a little thicker than usual and make sure you get the winged look on the outside part of your eye.
2. Apply your iridescent shadow to your brow bones, the inside corner of your eye and just below your lower lash line.
3. Blend your blueish-purple shadow into your lid and crease, winging it up towards the outside of your eye, following your eyeliner.
4. Apply your mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Whew! Bold & beautiful!
-Jess Hofmann


4/23/2009 7:00:00 AM