Week 2: So Long, Imposters!

A New Season and a New, Healthier YOU!
Want to be healthier this season? Join the club. Literally! Tons of GL readers will be following our fab fitness plan. Our week-by-week shape-up will get you the results you want. You’re gonna make your fitness goals a reality. Promise! 
Get Bikini Confident by Summer!
Don't waste another second stressing about sun 'n' sand season! We've got tried and true tips to help you tone up fast and feel fabulous about yourself in just a few weeks. Which way to the beach? This summer's gonna be sizzlin'!
Week 2: So Long, Imposters!
EATS Get rid of healthy-but-not foods. You've seen these Big Macs in carrots clothing before--super-sized bagels and muffins, mall-stand smoothies and sweetened yogurts. Our portable picks? Whole wheat English muffins, fresh fruit-only cups and low-fat string cheese.
EXERCISE If you really wanna see results, the harsh truth is you have to up the ante. Start by replacing one easy day (walking the dog) with a serious sweat sesh. You'll get into a better, butt-kicking cycle.

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4/26/2009 10:00:00 AM