Game Plan

Spring has finally sprung. Are you trying to get motivated to shape up for summer? Well, right now I am trying a new strategy that may help you gals as well. Working out is always an important factor to toning your bod, but there is a lot more to it! Eating healthy is just as important.

I decided to make a plan for each day so that I know what I am eating and when I want to workout...and of course to leave a little me time! When you make your daily plan, make sure to consider those pesky candies and the moments you always crave for a little junk. For me, between 4 and 7 is the hardest time of the day to resist the cupboard filled with snacks that my body definitely doesn't need, so I’m trying to stay busy during those times.

I planned my day to do an exercise or some type of activity that will keep me far, far away from my junky foods. Coming up with a plan the night before means I can pack healthy snacks for the day (and won’t be starving during my workout).

Here is what my plan for today looks like...

7:00 Wake up and eat a half bowl of cereal with cut up banana

8:00 Venture off to school

11:00 Lunch
o    a turkey sammy on wheat
o    carrots
o    pretzels
o    some dark chocolate to ease those chocolate cravings
o    refill my water bottle

2:30 Granola bar

3-5:30 Lacrosse practice

6:00 Shower and eat dinner
Dinner varies because mom cooks, but try to make it nutritious. Even if the meal isn’t super-healthy, try to stock up on sides of veggies

7:00 Homework! And stay away from the kitchen!
My room is in the attic so I try to stay up there to do my work so I won't be downstairs snacking

9:00 TV time!
10:00 Read some Twilight and then bed

It may seem annoying to do this everyday, but most days are the same routine with similar food. This has totally helped me control my eating habits and keeps me busy when I could just be snacking. Everyone will have her own schedule, but getting all your friends to do it could be really fun! Good luck!

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by Sara Cummings | 2/1/2016