Creeped Out By My Male Teacher!

A few days ago, my math teacher did something that is making me uncomfortable. I was at my locker, and he came up to me, and I didn't even see him. He got really close to me and whispered in my ear, "I love teaching someone who always smiles back at me." Once he left, I ran away.

I never smile at him. I am terrified to go to math class and even be near him! I don't know what to do! Besides the point he is a horrible teacher and I am almost failing his class! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!? HELP ME!!!

-creeped out chica

Hey, girlie!

This sounds like a very uncomfortable sitch. When it comes to boundaries, teachers are supposed to have a very clear line, separating the appropriate from the inappropriate. With around the clock boy and bff drama, you should not have to worry about whether or not your teachers a creeper! School is supposed to be a place where you feel protected. If your math teacher's actions are jeopardizing your feelings of safety, then something must be done!

First, when it comes to this sitch, the best people to tell are a trusted adult. This might be your mom, your aunt, another teacher or a counselor. Make sure to tell them EXACTLY what happened, and it how it made you feel.We all have the tendency to embellish stories, but in this circumstance,make sure that all that's coming out of your mouth is truth, truth, and truth. Knowing how this teach makes you feel queasy and uncomfortable, your parents will most likely bring it to the attention of the top authorities at your school.

Don't freak out, girl. You must be super worried that others will find out and might judge you. But hon don't worry 'bout it.You can make sure that this issue remains anonymous. After investigating the issue, the teacher could very well be fired, or at the very least, they will let you switch classes.

In the mean time, while this issue is getting resolved, use your BFF as an outlet for your feelings. Talk to your bestie about how bad you're feelin' just to get some of it off your chest. Don't worry, girl! Remember...YOU did nothing wrong. Just keep your head up and tell someone, ASAP!

-Jackie E.

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5/7/2009 7:00:00 AM
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