Mother’s Day might be this weekend but, for me, it’s like the kick-off of Mom’s Season. My mom is a total summer sister—and now I am too!
As a kid, my mom was a kick-butt swimmer and rowed crew in college. When I was a baby, she showed me how to paddle around the pool before I could walk. She taught my friends and I how to swim (and bake) when we were way little. Now, whenever we go to the beach, she boogie boards for hours and then will grill up a yummy dinner for everyone. So fun.
These days, my mom and I constantly share healthy recipes and tips and walk the track or go to the gym whenever I’m home. What do you and your mom do to stay fit together?
I might not swim daily (though I would if I had a pool…), but at least once a day, I rely on some lesson my mom taught me. My fave? You have to be yourself, no matter what. It’s helped me get through spats with mean girls or lame-o guys. Thanks, ma!
Check back tomorrow for fun and healthy things to do with your mom this (and every!) weekend.
Healthy hearts,
Katie A.


5/7/2009 4:23:00 PM