Uh, tampons? Im gonna put what up where?!

OK, you probably already know what a tampon looks like—a white, cotton cylinder with a long string dangling from the bottom (that plastic or cardboard contraption you see once you remove the wrapper is the applicator and is not meant to stay inside your vagina!).

So, like, where does it go and how does it get there? Well, the idea of pushing a tampon into your vagina to soak up the flow seems totally gross at first. And it will definitely feel unusual the first time you do it. But tampons are super easy to use, stay in place and are really the safest way to protect your clothes from your period—especially if you’re into sports, like swimming.

Specific directions are on the box and, honestly, it’s completely painless. Once you’ve got it inside of you, the string hangs out so you can gently pull it out and replace it every four to six hours, depending on your flow. Best of all, you will hardly even notice it’s there.


by GL | 2/1/2016