Strike Gold with Nastia Liukin!

Last summer, the world watched Nastia Liukin tumble to all-around gold at the Beijing Games. Now, she’s traveling, training and is even the fierce face for a few fashion labels. This buff ’n’ busy babe took a few secs to tell us about staying in shape no matter where you are.

TAKE IT SLOW. Nastia didn’t become an Olympian overnight, and you shouldn’t try to either. “So many people make a goal to work out four or five times a week. Then after the first two days, they get tired, sore and lazy!” But you don’t have to buy wacky contraptions from late-night TV to get into shape. Nastia shares, “My favorite summer activities are running outside and swimming.” Pump the tunes, and go.

BE READY TO EXERCISE ANYWHERE. Nastia may be less of a gym rat, but that doesn’t mean she sidelined exercise. “If I’m away from home, I still make sure to do some cardio every day. Anywhere I go, I bring my running shoes with me.” So even if you’re just going away for a weekend, bring comfy sneaks and get moving.

GO NATURAL. Forget diet soda, protein bars and other fake foods. Nastia’s sweet faves? “I love cold fresh fruit—berries, pineapple and watermelon.” Yum. Pack a cooler and pop in some fruit salad (log onto for recipes). You’ll be prepped when hunger strikes and way more likely to avoid pit-stop pitfalls (like convenience-store hot dogs—nasty!).

PUSH THROUGH IT. After you get started, nothing feels better than a leaves-you-winded workout (seriously!). Nastia’s got advice to keep you going, even when you wanna bail. “It might be hard while you’re doing it, but you have to keep telling yourself you’re getting better and stronger. And you always feel so much better about yourself when you finish.”


by GL | 2/1/2016