Why don't I have a BF?!

I wonder if I'll ever find love. I know it takes a while and it doesn't happen overnight but I went to the formal just this weekend and saw all these girls with their boyfriends...even girls that are lower on the "food chain" than I am.

I'm a hopeless romantic. I read the books, watch the romantic comedies, and have an urge to get into a relationship with a guy. And to top it all off, the only guys that like me are my friends. All around me, girls are getting boyfriends. Why don't guys like unique girls that don't have the perfect figure, a great tan or blond hair?


Hey Girlie!

I know right now it feels like you're never gonna get a BF, but true love comes when you least expect it! It may sound crazy, but sometimes when you stop looking for a guy or stop thinkin' about how much you want a BF, your prince in shining armor will come along. When I was growing up, I wanted a BF SO bad. Not bc there was someone in particular that I was crushin' on, but simply because I thought the idea of having a BF sounded so fantastic. However, I never had a REAL relationship until my first year of college, when I stopped thinkin' about it. It may take some time, but it WILL happen!

First things first. You need to boost your confidence, chica! Sure, some guys only go for the girls with the perfect figure, tan and the flowing blond hair, but superficial relationships never last. TRUE LOVE is seeing what's beyond the surface. Having a BF who likes you because of your looks may last for a week or two, but finding real love is all about your connection with a guy. Confidence is the one trait that shines even brighter than even the most golden blond hair. High confidence is a total turn on for guys. Boosting your self-esteem to high speed doesn't happen overnight, but you can start by looking in the mirror, and picking out the things you love about yourself. Maybe it's your long lashes. Maybe it's your fab smile. Maybe it's your long legs. Whatever it may be, this will help you realize just how beautifully unique you are! Any guy would be lucky to have you just the way you are.

Once you build your confidence up, its time to start being fun n' flirty. Have a boy in mind? Next time you see him, switch the flirt mode to high gear. Don't know who you're crushin' on? Try to strike up convos with different boys. If you go to a co-ed school, try to talk to one boy per class. This will give you a perfect opportunity to scope out which hottie is the perf match for you!

Also, remember to keep your mind wide open. You'll discover that the great guys aren't just in the "popular" crowd. Under the radar boys aka "hidden gems" are the best catches. These type of guys usually make the best BFs. Plus, more options means more choices for your PNBF (potential new boyfriend).

And don't force yourself into a relationship. It will happen when you're ready. It's important not to rush into it just bc you have this ideal pic of what romance should be like. Unfortunately, when it comes to romance, not many boys are like the sweet and sensitive hotties in our fav RomComs. Stay positive, and don't fret, someday your prince will come!

-Jackie E.

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6/1/2009 7:00:00 AM
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