Is it just me, or does it seem easier to be healthy in the summer? Sure, there’s ice cream on every corner, but the laidback vacay vibe makes me wanna run around all the time.

Last week, I went on a road trip to the beach with my BF. We took some of GL’s tips and packed healthy snacks and tons of H20 for the drive. To break up the endless highway, we stopped for lunch and took a long walk around a park.

Does your fam stop to exercise on road trips? I can’t sit still, so getting out to toss a Frisbee makes me feel a million times better. With a li’l extra research, you can totally find a fab forest or park to stomp around in.

When I was a li’l younger, I’d get bummed out if the weather wasn’t picture-perfect for vacation. This Memorial Day was pretty chilly, but it didn’t matter. I swear, years of yoga has made me chill out tons and enjoy things for what they are. My beach day was cloudy, but that meant cool weather for an a.m. jog. And even though clouds rolled in for the afternoon, the wind was spot-on for my BF to fly a kite. Who needs serious sun when you’ve got sneakers and sports gear?

These days, plenty of exercise (rain or shine! I’m keeping my windbreaker handy...) and good company make my summer days just-right.

Healthy hearts,
Katie A.

Do you spend icky summer days cooped up inside watching the tube or do you think of ways to get outside no matter what? Blog it out.


5/28/2009 7:00:00 AM