SYTYCD Results: First to Say Goodbye

Although Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo gave a riveting hip-hop performance the night before, America did not think it was strong enough to push them into the next round. They were voted into the bottom three dance couples with Asuka Kondoh and partner Vitolio Jeun, and Karla Garcia and partner Jonathan Platero.  

All three girls and boys were given the chance to dance a solo routine to save themselves in the competition. While the judges noted that Paris was a beautiful dancer, they also recognized that she is the least strongest contemporary dancer in the competition. They opted to send her home along with partner Tony, who from an early-start, had proved he was a loveable fan favorite. The judges felt that Tony could no longer keep up with the others in the competition, and as sad as it was, ended his journey early.
Shocked by the results? Can’t believe who ended up in the bottom three? Get your blog on and let us know! Also, don’t miss next week’s two-hour episode with the remaining 18 couples on Wednesday (8-10 PM ET).


by Brooke Exler | 2/1/2016