When I first received my list of school supplies for middle school, I was surprised to find two odd items at the bottom of the list: a Kendo uniform and a shinai (the bamboo sword used for Kendo). Every student was expected to take a Kendo class once a week during school, and thus, I entered the world of Kendo.

The sport originates from Japan and requires both physical and mental toughness. The object of Kendo is to use the shinai to hit the opponent precisely at either the wrist, waist or head. And no need to worry ladies, all players have protective armor for each body part. It is also required that as the players take action, they yell the body part they intend to hit.

With all the gear, yelling and hitting, it may seem like Kendo is an intimidating sport...but it's not at all! Through Kendo, I had the chance to grow physically stronger and faster. Mentally, I became more focused and gained confidence at every game.

So if you and your girlies are looking to have some fun while getting a workout, def look into Kendo. After all, who doesn't want to learn how to kick some butt? Check out to find a class near you. 


by Jean Lee | 2/1/2016