I can't concentrate!

I can't focus! Last night it took me half an hour to get through one page in my book because my mind kept wandering off. Sometimes my mom has to read the chapters with me so that I can make it through one paragraph. It’s driving me insane! What’s wrong with me?


Hey girl,

There’s no speed limit when you are reading chapters in a book, especially solo. You’re either are a fast reader or a slow reader. Nothing is wrong with you at all. It’s like when you’re in class listening to your teacher teaching and suddenly you find yourself looking out the window. Everyone gets distracted every once in a while, but sometimes we have to learn to keep our minds on what we are doing.

With that said, try some of these tricks while you buckle down and study:

-Give yourself small goals and reward yourself. Something like after your read 5 pages, you get to take a 10 minute break.  
-Prepare yourself before you start. Rocking out to that catchy new Jo Bros song is going to have your brain filled with tons of activity.
-Try reading out loud. Saying the words instead of just reading them can help you focus and retain the information better.

With summer break just weeks (or days!) away, most students like yourself are probably SO over studies. But hang in there chicky, it’s the homestretch!



6/18/2009 3:31:00 PM