SYTYCD Recap: Dont quit your day job!

The remaining eight couples put their skills to the test for America on last night’s SYTYCD!  Prestigious dancer/choreographer Toni Basil joined Nigel and Mary on the panel of judges! We continued to learn more about the contestants this week by finding out their passions in life OTHER than dance!

Karla and Jonathan were up first and led the show with a rocky hip-hop Bonnie and Clyde routine. While we learned that Karla is passionate about journalism and Jon is awesome at acrobatics, this couple tackled last week’s contemporary much better than this “gangsta” style. The dancing became more exciting towards the end, but the lack of chemistry and synchronicity upset Nigel.

A thrash-rocker-jazz performance was next from Vitolio and Asuka.  We learned Asuka is not only a sexy dancer, but a fashionable babe who loves to make jewelry while Vitolio would love to be the lead singer in a band. After a tear-jerking clip of Vitolio and Asuka at practice, their hard work paid off and they impressed the judges once again. Could the sparks be flying with these two? Judge Toni Basil want to know!

Third was Ade and Melissa with a racy ramba! If Melissa could no longer dance she would keep teaching Pilates while Ade would enjoy a profession in sound engineering. But it’s doubtful this couple will be doing anything other than dancing after such a phenomenal performance! They are definitely a couple to be reckoned with!

Brandon and Janette tried their feet at a hip-hop routine with a rockstar mix! Brandon, without dance, would be a lighting designer and Janette a financer. But the duo, with dance, is beyond incredible. Brandon’s hip-hop extremely impressed the judges and the compliments keep coming week after week.

Couple Kayla and Kupono danced next for the first time…and what a match-up it turned out to be! As we found out Kayla is a professional model and Kupono loves costume designing (shocking!), the pair also performed a dream-like waltz. But did this dream turn into a nightmare? Mary didn’t think so, she placed Kayla and Kupono straight on the hot tamale train!  Nigel thought the piece was very beautiful, too, and Kayla continues to blow everyone away! 

Next up, Randi and Evan got groovin’ with a Mia Michaels contemporary routine all about the BUTT?! Learning about Randi’s hidden passion to teach special ed and more about Evan’s car shop frenzy was overshadowed when we saw a dance devoted entirely to Randi’s bootay! The judges agreed that it would be a dance to be remembered and talked about for future season’s to come. I agree!

Seventh, Caitlin and Jason were eager to fight back from the bottom three with a Paso Doble. Caitlin without dance would opt for broadcast and Jason would use his athletic physique to play soccer. I think they did well enough to stay out of the bottom three and show off their potential in the competition in the coming weeks.

The last couple of the night was Jeanine and Phillip with an over-the-top Broadway routine. Phillip told America about his love for inventions and Jeanine gushed about her acting abilities.  Phillip sure worked it out by jumping over a couch and ripping his pants through the routine, but it wasn’t enough for Nigel, who told Phillip he need to grow more at this stage in the game.         
The dancing is done and the votes are in but who were your faves? Who was superb and who are you banking to see in the bottom three? Blog it out!
TONIGHT! Don’t miss the result show with a special performance from The Veronica’s Thursday, June 25th at 9 p.m.


by Brooke Exler | 2/1/2016