SYTYCD Recap: Highs and Lows

The top seven couples turned up the heat on last night’s SYTYCD!
Mia Michaels took a break from choreographing to join Nigel and Mary on the judges’ panel. This week we got a recap of the dancers’ highs and lows of the season so far and a little taste of where they were headed for the results show tomorrow night.

Janette and Brandon opened up the night with a fiery cha-cha, following their slippery foxtrot from week one, their beautiful fast-paced disco from week two and last week’s hip-hop battle of the sexes. Brandon had something to prove to Mia after she dissed him in the auditions, and he definitely made his point! Mia said he was amazing, Nigel called him “the Michelangelo of the dance floor” and Mary gave them both two first class tickets on the hot tamale train!

Kayla and Kupona remembered their journey through the show from last week’s hot-tamale-worthy waltz (and their debut as a couple) to the devastating lows of losing their partners to their respective hip-hop and jazz routines. This week Sonyah choreographed a dance made in heaven (or is it Forks?). The vampire themed contemporary dance featured music from the Twilight soundtrack and beautiful moves from Kayla and Kupona. The judges were impressed by the way the couple complimented each other and called the piece one of Sonyah’s best.

Randi and Evan have been through a rollercoaster of emotions with a sensual, slow jazz and a crazy, fast jive to last weeks Mia Michaels’s routine. But this week, they didn’t quite hit the high point they wanted. The judges appreciated the Fosse-like choreography but felt the couple needed to take it to the next level, especially Evan. Though Nigel did say that they’re still both in his top ten favorite dancers.

Next up were Jason and Caitlin trying to dance their way out of a long losing streak with a quirky piece by Brian Friedman about an alien and the last human on earth. This crazy sci-fi dance was a big change from last week’s Paso Doble, the hip-hop before that or everyone’s favorite Bollywood routine from their first week. Mary wasn’t into the apocalyptic alien love story (and it’s a little hard to blame her) but Mia and Nigel appreciated their commitment. Everyone agreed that the tin foil alien costume was taking things a little too far, but was it enough to take Jason and Caitlin to the next round?

Jeanine and Phillip, after a strong hip-hop piece, a weak tango and a pants-ripping Broadway routine, found themselves literally chained together for another hip-hop piece by Tabitha and Napoleon. The couple might have been chained together, but the judges wanted them to throw away the key! They loved the concept for the routine and thought Jeanine and Phillip were great, though Mia worried that the sloppy “chainography” would take away from their overall performance.

Ade and Melissa slowed it down a bit with a beautiful pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet. Melissa was excited to finally fulfill her dream of playing Juliet after dancing everything from contemporary to jazz to rumba with her partner. The judges had a few criticisms for Ade but liked the piece over all. Mia said they were brilliant and that Melissa was “a true ballerina.”

Karla and Vitolio closed the night with a quickstep, their debut as a couple. Vitolio lost Asuka last week after their jazz routine put them in the bottom three. Karla and Jonathan were together no more after the hip-hop dance that sent Jonathan home last week. But Karla and Vitolio are still alive and kicking, especially in the lively quickstep that Vitolio wanted to turn from the “dance of death” into the “dance of joy.” The judges said they did just that and Cat said they ended the show in style, but did America agree?

We’ll find out tomorrow when Kelly Clarkson performs and the bottom three are revealed! Tune in Thursday, July 2 at 8 pm on FOX!



by Allie Simmons | 2/1/2016