Trainers Tip: Run a little, shop a little

We love sneaky ways to make workouts more interesting. So when celeb trainer Larysa Didio mentioned she has her teen clients run to their fave stores in New York City as part of their training, we were totally hooked. Run a little, shop a little, run a little...we could get used to that.

Of course, we don’t all live down the street from our most-adored stores. No worries. This idea travels well. The next time you’re on vacay, think of some nearby landmarks (like, the local lighthouse, a fab botanical garden and the boardwalk—or whatever’s close by!).

Figure out a starting point, grab a friend and jog out to one landmark and then back to the beginning. Keep doing this until you’re done!

Remember: it doesn’t have to be crazy-far, just a mini cardio blast will leave you feeling amazing!


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016