Kick-Butt Summer Workouts!

Wanna have tons of fun and kick some butt during your next workout sesh? We've got four tough (but totally worth it!) workouts to try this summer. You'll sculpt your bod, learn self-defense and watch your confidence soar!

Workout Style: A fun, amped-up sesh.

Why it's fab: Combining moves from boxing, martial arts and aerobics, kickboxing will get your heart rate up in no time. You don't have any one-on-one contact (with a partner or punching bag) so ya can take time to work on your own cardio strength doin' kicks, punches, jumping jacks and other fast-paced moves. Plus, kickboxing will work 'n' tone your entire bod, blasting tons of calories.
Bonus: This high-energy class is usually done with fast-paced music playing in the background for an ultra-fun workout!

Check it out: Call a local gym or the YMCA to see if a class is offered in your area. If not (or if it's too pricey for a class), pick up some instructional DVDs.

Celeb Love: Singer Kelly Clarkson is known to do kickboxing for an ultra-fab workout when she's not behind the mic.


Workout Style: Burn off some steam, while toning up your arm and leg muscles.

Why it's fab: Boxing usually includes wearing boxing gloves and contact with a punching bag. Boxing is a great way to tone up all over, and feel tough while you're at it!

Bonus: It's the perfect way to de-stress or take your anger out. Just make sure you're taking it out on the punching bag, OK?

Check it Out: Google around to see if there are any boxing gyms in your area. Lots of places offer women's classes. If not, see if your cable has boxing workouts for your TV or browse the web for free boxing routines ya can try at home. If ya get really into it, check out a sporting store like Dick's Sporting Goods to nab cool boxing equipment, like your own gloves.

Celeb Love: Gwen Stefani has said she practiced boxing, showing that ya don't have to be a guy to kick butt!

Kung Fu/Karate

Workout Style: Showing up all the boys in the class with your kickin' moves, while training your bod and mind.

Why it's fab: Kung Fu and karate combine punching, kicking, strikes and cool moves like the karate chop. This challenging workout builds muscular strength and helps you become more in control of your entire body.

Bonus: You'll learn some serious self-defense moves to protect yourself in case of an emergency sitch.

Check in Out: Check to see if your town has a martial arts center, and then take a class ASAP. Usually you can pay a class-by-class fee, and if ya love it you could always sign up for weekly or monthly classes.

Celeb Love: Sarah Michelle Gellar is known to let her inner karate-kid come out.

Woman's Self Defense
Workout Style: Learning mental, verbal and physical techniques needed to protect yourself with an all girls class.

Why it's fab: While a self-defense class may not be as fast-paced and sweat-inducing as the other classes, by the end of the session you'll feel super strong training your bod to protect you. Plus, you'll be oh-so-confident knowing that you can protect yourself in tricky situations.

Bonus: You'll learn the skills needed to protect yourself. Plus, you may feel more comfortable in this class because it's girls only.
Check it Out: This is a class ya won't wanna take virtually because you'll want that time to really observe your instructor's body language and techniques. Check to see if your school offers any self-defense classes. Next stop: your local YWCA or a rec center.

Celeb Love: Who cares? By the end of this class you'll feel like your own unstoppable superstar!
By: Rachel Chemerynski


by GL | 2/1/2016