SYTYCD Recap: And The Top Ten Are

It’s time to say ciao to two more contestants on SYTYCD!  But this week, it gets down to the nitty gritty as it’s the final cut before the season’s top ten are revealed!
Couples Jason and Caitlin, Phillip and Jeanine and Ade and Melissa were all in the bottom three this week and had to give it there all in solo performances to stay in the competition. And sadly, after being in the bottom three numerous times, Caitlin could no longer make the cut and was sent packing. It was obvious to the judges and the audience how much Caitlin had grown through the competition, but it still wasn’t enough to reserve her a spot in the final ten! 
Phillip was sent home for the guys because his pop and lock style wasn’t able to hack it with the rest. Even though Phillip showed versatility in his dancing throughout the competition (being thrown a Russian folk dance this week and a tango a couple weeks ago) the judges felt he had not grown as much as the others. 
Bye, bye Caitlin and Phillip, but hello TOP TEN! 
Be sure to catch next week’s show on Wednesday at 8PM as each dancer is paired with a new person!
Blog it out…what do you think about last night’s results? Did the judges make the right decision or did someone else deserve to say goodbye? Let us know, now!


by Brooke Exler | 2/1/2016