SYTYCD Recap: Two More Gone For Good

Photo Credit: FOX
Say goodbye to new couple Randi and Kupono!
The pair danced a sub-par Paso Doble this week, so it was no surprise to America or the judges that they would receive the lowest number of votes. Although this is the end of their journey, Randi and Kupono have grown tremendously throughout the competition and leaves America with some unique and original routines to remember!
Be sure to catch next week’s episode on Wednesday, July 22 at 8PM when choreographer Mia Michaels and cheeky talk-show host Ellen Degeneres join Mary and Nigel to judge the remaining eight dancers! Also, don’t miss the SYTYCD series 100th milestone episode on Thursday’s result show! There will be tons of performances from not only the final eight but guest appearances from past winners too!
What do you think about Randi and Kupono gettin’ the boot? Did they deserve it or should someone else have been in their place? Let us know and blog it out here!


by Brooke Exler | 2/1/2016