Crazy for Cake Boss

It's Monday night at 9:55 p.m. and I'm not going to bed any time soon! Why? Because TLC's new show Cake Boss is on at 10! My whole family crowds around the TV in anticipation for lots of laughs, as well as some “Ooos” and “Ahhhs” as we see what fabulous cake is going to be created this time.

Cake Boss is a reality TV show about life at an Italian family-run bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. Dad Carlo, was the original owner and cake boss at the bakery but died when Buddy, his son, was a teenager. Buddy took over the business and has been running the place ever since.

Now, him and his brother-in-laws help with the making and designing of cakes while his mom and sisters take care of the rest of the bakery. There are also a few cousins, nieces and nephews running around lending a helping hand, too! And with so many family members in such tight quarters, of course there’s going to be lots of drama and excitement.

It isn't only about the baking, but the family's talent, artistry and drama too. Buddy and his crew make cakes for every event. He even made a cake for a celebration at the Natural History Museum in New York—a 3D replica of a new mammal that was discovered and being brought to the museum. From cakes that look like beach scenes and treasure chests to ones that replicate guitars and toy soldiers, you can see the real talent pouring through.
But what really makes the show dramatic—and believable—are the mishaps along the way, like cakes delivered to the wrong place or on the wrong day, or those that were destroyed en route to an event. Oh boy!

This exciting show is one for the whole family. I watch it with everyone, including my dad and 9-year-old sister. Next time your cuddled on your sofa on a Monday night, turn to TLC and watch Cake Boss. It’s delicious!

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Photo Credit: TLC


by Becca Cooper | 2/1/2016