Diff hobby dilemma

All my friends do one thing: play soccer. That's the only after-school activity they do. I did it last year and just hated it, but I acted like I liked it because I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

I love acting and singing. That's what I enjoy most. And I really want to keep up my training because I'm really good. This year I told all my friends that I was too busy to play soccer because of my theater stuff. They accepted that, but they keep talking about it and keep trying to convince me to do it. It's getting annoying and on top of that I feel like I lied to my friends. What do I do now?

Hey girl,

You all might be friends because you've got some things in common, but that doesn't mean you need to like ALL the same things! I understand that it's tough when it seems like all your pals are interested in one thing when your heart is leading you in another direction. For me, my passion was journalism, but when I signed up for the class, all my friends took art instead. But there's nothing wrong with doing something a little diff.

In fact, look on the bright side. By pursuing acting and singing, you're bound to meet a bunch of new people who share this passion with you! They're the ones you can talk to about a new song you're learning and they'll totally understand what you're going through. Strike up a convo with some nice girls from your classes and arrange to practice together sometime.

For me, I've got my journalism friends and my other pals. When it comes down to it, it's the more the merrier! You're always gonna have someone to hang with. So while you're out there pursuing your interests, stay tight with your other friends, too! Sounds like they're not mad at you for going your own way. Of course they'd love to spend more time with you at soccer practice, but you can still stay great friends—plan a Saturday night sleepover or make Friday night chick flick night a tradition.

Don't ever stop pursuing your dream if others don't agree with it. If soccer's not your thing, then so be it. You can focus on those activities that interest you! You're such a talented girl and you deserve to shine to your fullest potential. Good luck, girl!

Miliana B.

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8/26/2009 7:00:00 AM