How to throw a Hoppin Halloween Bash!

It’s finally October, and that means Halloween’s just around the corner!

You’ve picked out your costume and your mom has already purchased a ginormous bag o’ candy, but are you sick of the same old trick-or-treat routine? Switch things up this year and throw your own Halloween Bash!

From invites and delish recipes to awesome games, we’ve got tips to havin’ the spookiest soiree in town:

Be Creative with Your Invitations

If you’re gonna throw a memorable bash, ya first need to get the word out! But don’t just send out the typical who, what, where and when on stock cards. Instead, think outside of the box! Try writing the deets of the party on mini pumpkins, which ya can find at many stores this time of year! Or maybe attach a fun note to a piece of candy or caramel apple—both fun (and delicious!).

Also, don’t forget to include all the details about the night, like what to wear if you’re throwin’ a theme party. For example, maybe ya could do a “Hollywood” theme and have everyone dress as their favorite actor or actress. Check out our Hollywood Halloween for suggestions.

Serve Melt in Your Mouth Munchies

Everyone loves food, so ya gotta put extra thought into what you wanna serve!

One easy and festive idea is to serve a bunch of black ‘n’ orange foods (hello, Halloween colors!), like sliced oranges, cheddar cheese and crackers or a delicious trail mix with chocolate chips, raisins, candy corn and pretzels!

Ya don’t wanna forget about dessert. For some yummy treats, try serving a variety of cupcakes in black and orange frosting, topped with your favorite candies!

If ya wanna really impress your guests, ya can make a “Worm Pie,” which is a layer of chocolate pudding, a layer of cool whip, a layer of crushed up Oreos (which ya can buy in Halloween colors at this time of year) and then topped with candy worms.

For drinks, make a “Blood Punch” with fruit punch juice, cranberry juice and some seltzer water or sprite to give it a little fizz!

Bump up the Music

At all costs, ya never want your guests to be bored, so make sure some music is always playin’ throughout the party. A few nights before, pick out all your fave CD’s, and set them next to your CD player. (If ya don’t have one, borrow from a friend ‘cause it’s essential for a rockin’ party!)

Also, tell all your friends to bring their favorite jams too, so everyone at the party will be pleased (and you won’t have to do as much work!)

Ya can also find spooky Halloween CDs on sale at local stores if you’re trying to go with a scarier theme!

Get Gamin’

Ya really wanna stress keepin’ your guests entertained, and what better way then to play some fun games?

One game you could play is “Guess Who I Am?” Before the party, sit down with your parents or siblings and think of as many famous people you can. It can be anyone from pop stars like Britney Spears to famous characters like Mickey Mouse. Keep brainstorming until ya come up with a sizable list, of about 50 different names. Cut them up into individual strips of paper, and put them in a hat.

Then when your guests arrive, tape a name to their back. Once all your guests have a name taped to them, you must go around asking people yes or no questions to try and figure out who they are. No cheating! Once someone figures it out, ya simply pick a new name outta the hat and continue. This is a perfect icebreaker for any party and would be particularly fun if ya were goin’ with the celebrity theme!

Also, try Bobbing for Apples, which is always entertaining. Or, have a dance off. Split your friends into 2 teams and see who can bust the best moves! If ya have a couple really good dancers in the crowed, have them compete in the middle of a circle while everyone else cheers ‘em on!


by Rachel Chemerynski | 2/1/2016
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