ED BLOG: Tips from Olympic Athletes

Talk about inspiration! The pic above is of Julia Mancuso, an Olympic gold medalist in giant slalom and crazy-fit girl. She's doing SQUATS on a Swiss ball (while smiling and chatting about it, natch). Impressive, right?

I'm up in Canada for the Nike Women's Media Summit and got the chance yesterday to chat with some athletes who are training for the winter Olympics in 2010. They have just over 100 days 'til the biggest competition of their careers. Pressure much? Instead of freaking, these girls are trying to stay calm and just keep training—hard.

The chicas have tons of great tips (and you'll be hearing more about them later), but my fave advice so far was simple, yet brilliant. Train until you're tired, and then go a little bit more. Yep, exercising when you're exhausted makes you super-tough when it comes to competition time. Because, let's face it, on game days (or, say, during a half marathon!), you're gonna be zonked but ya definitely can't quit.

Yay for sticktoitiveness!

Healthy hearts,
Katie A.


10/8/2009 11:34:00 AM