Top 10 Thrifty Spooky Styles!

Tryin’ to come up with fun, creative ideas for an amazing costume this Halloween on a budget? Having a great get-up doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. GL’s got original ideas for awesome AND affordable Halloween costumes that you can do with your bestie, boyfriend or even, solo!

Anything tie-dye is a go! Pair the funkadelic top with faded, distressed, flared jeans. And don’t forget to accessorize. Wear a headband around your forehead, overload the peace-sign jewelry and top off with light colored sunglasses. To take it up a notch, add lots of fringe (vest, purse, etc.) for the most authentic looking hippy costume of all time!

Make Some Magic!
You and your guy can cast spells as Harry Potter and Hermione all night! Both costumes are pretty similar. Get a long dark robe, and find the “Gryffindor” sign on the internet to apply to the robe. For the wand, you can make it out of wire and aluminum foil. For Hermione, under the robe wear a blazer, skirt and knee-high socks. For Harry, borrow dad’s tie to wear under the robe. Wear big, circular glasses, and draw a lightning bolt on forehead with black eyeliner.

Animal Attraction
Do you have jungle fever? Why not be an exotic animal?! If you want to be a tiger, take some black eyeliner and draw on a nose and whiskers. You can also put some gold glitter around your eyes to spice it up! For ears, cut out two small triangles and color them light brown, black and white. Then, hot glue them onto a headband. Take a pair of black tights and cut off one of the legs, stuff it with some fluff, and there’s your tail! For clothes, find a tiger print shirt and a pair of black leggings or spandex shorts! Leotards totally work, too.

Good vs. Evil
Wanna plan a duo look with your bestie? Be the angel to her devil (or vice versa!). For the angel costume, wear all white, and put glitter on your face and hair for the angelic look. You can buy wings and a halo at a cheap party shop OR make it into a fun arts and crafts project!

For the devil, wear all red and black. You can make a devil’s tail out of red rope (and attach it to your outfit with a safety pin). For a cute devil’s bowtie, cut out red cardboard, decorate it with glitter, and attach to a piece of elastic or ribbon. Also, use cardboard to make the horns and a pitchfork! If you’re not crafty, Hot Topic, Wet Seal and costume/party stores have accessories this time of year for cheap prices! 

Go Geeky
Be a nerd for the night! Slick back your hair into a pony, grab bermuda shorts (preferably with suspenders) and tuck in a collared shirt. Wear knee high socks with penny loafers, carry lots of pens in your pocket, and don’t forget your dark rimmed glasses with tape in the middle! Carry a backpack or a briefcase for the full effect. You’ll have all your friends ROFL!

High Roller
Grab your BFF and be a pair of dice for Halloween! Take two sets of cardboard boxes and paint them white. Cut out several black circles from construction paper and paste them in the correct places with the correct numbering! An easy gamble that will totally pay off.

Here’s a cheap and easy way to be a beautiful Greek Goddess for Halloween! Get a white sheet and drape it around your body like a toga. Pin it to keep it together. Belt it at the wait with gold or silver fabric. Buy artificial ivy or make it using leaves from the outdoors to make a crown to place on your head. Put some gold shimmer on your face and body for that flawless finish and you’re ready to go!

Twilight Twosome
Wanna couple up with your crush or BF for Halloween? Channel the hottest vampires Edward and Bella from the Twilight Saga! For Bella and Edward’s clothes, pick your fave scene out of the book. A costume highlight is Bella’s blue prom dress: Find a royal blue halter dress and wrap one foot like a cast (if you have a clunky snow boot, that works, too). On the other food wear a black Converse sneak. To match, have your Edward put on his Sunday best with a black suit and black tie with a while collared shirt underneath.

Bella’s hair: Use rollers or an iron to give yourself wavy ringlets. Part hair in the middle and pin back your front hair or bangs to the back on each side. Makeup? Bella’s a simple gal, so opt for a more natural look by adding bronze and copper shades for the eyes and a pale pink for the lips.

For Edward’s look, use styling cream to pump up the volume and tousle the hair back. Add some light powder or foundation to get the pale-faced look. If your fella can get his hands on some disposable gold contacts that would be a plus!

Blast from the Past
Want to relive the 80’s? Go totally retro! Tease your hair up and put it up in a side ponytail (bonus points if you can get your paws on a giant bow). Experiment with bright colored eye shadow, like blue and hot pink. And don’t forget to load your lips with an outrageous hue, like fuchsia.

For clothes, wear a sports bra or tank top underneath an off the shoulder tunic top. Pair it up with neon leggings, bright leg warmers and a pair of chucks or Keds. Some other accessories are bangles, fingerless gloves, star earrings and a pork pie hat. Get ready to light up the night!

Bag of Jelly Beans
Wear a white shirt and white pants. Get a large plastic garbage bag from the grocery store. Cut two leg holes in the bottom of the bag and arm holes in the middle of the bag. Blow up diff colored balloons, and stand in the bag as your mom or BFF fills up the bag with the balloons. Write a fun and creative sign (like, Jellybeans 25 cent) to put on the bag. Sweet!


by Jaclyn Evens and Molly Crawford | 2/1/2016
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