Homecoming Special: Lauren's Lavender Look!

Lauren's sporting this pretty purple frock to her homecoming dance. First, off the shape of the dress is SO fun. We heart how the fabric is light and fluttery—giving it a fairy tale feel. An inverted-v waistband, plus feminine ruffles at the neckline, draws your eyes up, letting you focus on Lauren's delicate sparkly necklace.

Even cuter? Her easy 'n' elegant 'do. She looks oh-so Taylor Swift with pinned back, carefree curls. Girlie sneaks are perf if you're not a fancy femme—but we'd add silver ballets or pumps to kick the formal factor up a notch. No matter what, she's rockin' a romantic look. Good luck at homecoming, Lauren! Dudes will be lining up to slow dance with ya.

Got any suggestions? What do you think? Would you wear this? How would you jazz it up? TELL US NOW!

PLUS! What's your fave outfit this fall? Send in YOUR hot homecoming looks or your awesomest autumn ensembles and we could feature Y-O-U right here!

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10/14/2009 7:00:00 AM